Sunday, 16 December 2007

Blog Five

Work has now started in earnest on my first assignment and I'm currently getting to grips with some readings. After starting a couple of days ago in a fairly logical fashion, I've suddenly began to read as if I'm accessing webpages, constantly flipping from one thing to the next ! I'm not sure if this approach has necessarily helped me, but it has been interesting, not least because it has led me to read one or two chapters from Gee (1996) Social Linguistics and Literacies - Ideology in Discourses, which has really helped me to understand some underlying principles of the whole literacy v literacies debate.

Lots more reading and more questioning/reflections needed, before I start writing !

Friday, 7 December 2007

Blog Four

Now it's getting serious. First assignment is due within the next few weeks and the pressures on ! Having been off work for over a week, I've had some major catching up to do, which means very little MA work has been done. And am I starting to panic......YES ! Aaaahh ! I REALLY need to do some reading ! So no time for blogging ! Bye.